For worn, damaged or damaged down products (sleeping bags, jackets, vests, etc.) we offer to perform the so-called "renovation". The old product delivered to the Studio is laundered (the fabric is cut and recycled) and the down is taken out. It undergoes a machine cleaning process in a special drum using steam and UV disinfection. Thanks to moving paddles and a strong stream of air, the caked fragments of the down filling are broken down. In the cleaning process, there is also a partial separation of unwanted feathers and castings, so about 10-20% loss is assumed. Such cleaned down is filled with new down filling from the current range of models available in our warehouse. This means that, for example, from an old sleeping bag we can make a new jacket model or vice versa. Thus, the renovation service allows us to reduce the cost of buying a new model without losing its thermal and functional properties.

The order / service order is accepted in writing (by letter or email). After receiving the shipment with the product to be renovated, we consult with the ordering party about the possibility of performing the service, choice of model, size, variant. A quote is also given, as well as an approximate date for carrying out the renovation. The finished product is sent back (by courier service) to the indicated address after determining the method of payment (bank transfer or cash on delivery).

Examples of renovation prices:

Climber II series down sleeping bag - PLN 1490

Tourist II down sweater - 850 zł

Tourist series down sleeping bag (450 and 650) - 990 zł

The cost of adding down - 100 PLN for every 100g (goose down, minimum 750 cuin)

Note: Some models can not be filled with reclaimed down and there is no technological possibility to make such an order (e.g. sweater or vest series Climber, Limited, Zion).

Important: We do not provide a two-year warranty on the so-called "downproofness" for models filled with down recovered from products NOT of OUR production. However, from our long experience, we usually recover high quality down from products of Polish brands Cumulus, Pajak, Robert's, Yeti, Aura.

The renovation product along with the filled-in form (link to the form) should be sent to the following address:

PSA Małachowski
Skoczowska 49 Street
43-426 Dębowiec

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